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  • Access to private, exclusive posts here on Patreon.  This includes but is not limited to:  private photos, blog posts, updates about new videos, and updates about my channel.
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Everything in the $2 tier, plus: Patron participant live streams!  This means depending on the game, there will be spots open for patrons to come and play.  The stream of course will still be private and open to anyone paying for this tier, but the spots may be first come first serve depending on how many patrons attend and how many spots are available.  I will provide you with any codes or passwords you may need to join a stream in a Patreon post, so make sure you have Patreon Email notifications enabled.  Streams may also include:
  • Live streaming a video game 
  • Q & A
  • Video game and/or random discussion
  • Special guests and co-hosts
  • Patron participation
*Participation streams mean that you, the patron, can join the game.  Usually when I do these streams, I will stream a game like Quiplash or Drawful, and thus several patrons can join in at once and play the game along with me.  Like I said, spots are first come first serve, but people are generally good about sitting out and taking turns.
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If you choose this tier you will be granted access to my Discord server. Hang out with me and my community, talk about random things, and connect with other people who like stuff and things. You will also have access to rewards under this one: Early access videos and links to my private gaming streams. Message me and I will provide the invitation. 




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About PushingUpRoses


Hi everyone, PushingUpRoses here, and welcome to my Patreon Campaign. I've been creating video content on YouTube for the last eight years under the channel name...PushingUpRoses. Yes, it is both my internet name and my channel name. That's how I roll.

I'd say my YouTube channel has become somewhat of an introspective variety channel; my primary focus used to be computer games (with an emphasis on obscure adventure games), but you'll also find retrospectives on movies, television shows, and even board games. 

In this video, The History of the Adventures of Pete & Pete, I discuss the impact of the show while providing personal reflections and how they relate to it. 

I also enjoy riffing on individual television episodes, such as here in this video I did about a completely messed up episode of Goosebumps. Ahh, the nostalgia of creepy Aunts and enchanted prune juice, am I right?

Variety is the spice of life (or so I am told), so I also enjoy tackling weightier topics. I often candidly discuss mental illness in my work with the hope that it will educate and inspire others who can relate to it. In this video I discuss how I choose games to play when I am feeling depressed or anxious.
I compare my serious videos to a nice, elegant lobster dinner with a glass of fine wine. We all want that sometimes. But on the other hand, sometimes I just want some drunk food in the form of greasy burgers and a bottle of cheap beer. That represents my silly videos. ...This analogy is starting to become unhinged and is making me hungry, but you get the idea. We all need a rich diet in our lives, yes? Yes. VARIETY!

My Obstacles and Goals as a Creator

We all have obstacles to overcome; mine comes in the form of mental illness. I decided to try YouTube not only to make entertaining videos for other people, but to challenge my Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I realize that becoming a public figure sounds like the *exact* wrong idea for someone with this mental illness, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, and I could do it well. It does get taxing, but with the support of my fans and patrons here on this campaign, I've been able to reach people with my platform and do something that I love and challenges me. Creating videos has been beneficial for making progress with my BDD, and the victories have been very fulfilling and good for the soul. My goal as a creator is simple: To keep improving in every facet of this hobby-turned-job. Since starting my Patreon campaign, my videos have improved, allowing me to purchase hardware and software to increase their quality. I am very humbled by the generosity of my patrons and look forward to making more progress day-by-day.

My channel is "smaller", and revenue is tough these days so every pledge helps me directly. And let's not beat around the bush: like most people who create, I like to be paid for my work. It will motivate me to keep creating the best possible work I can.

What are the benefits to becoming your Patron?

I offer rewards depending on what you pledge! My most popular reward is probably the access to my private streams here on Patreon for $5 pledges; they are completely off the rails, very candid, and we have a good time there. I also offer $2 rewards and $15 dollar rewards which are detailed in the side bar under "rewards." 

Thank you for considering becoming my patron. You have reached the end of this profile. So...yanno. Enjoy your day. Have a coffee and a pizza. And remember: Work hard, play hard, and get plenty of roughage in your diet.

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