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About Pwnag3King

In a really big problem right now. So apparently after applying to places for multiple months my Mom still can't get hired to a job, which leaves me to pay off a ton of the incoming bills. And right now YouTube isn't paying me nearly enough to maintain that kind of money. So soon enough i'm gonna have to spend every hour of every day when i'm home making videos. I might even make up to 4 videos in one day if I have to. What I really need right now is your support. If there's any way that you can help me financially until she can find a job, whether it's by donating just a couple dollars, watching videos, whatever needs to be done I really need your help. right now. I'll find topics about Lion King, i'll do what I have to do but still me alone won't be able to get this done. So I really need help. One of the bills is internet, and if I can't get that paid off then I CAN'T keep making videos. This is really gonna suck. But my last choice is to non stop make videos and hope that a few people can send help my way. Thank you

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