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I want to thank you very much for not only donating, but for letting me do what i love for your entertainment. I couldn't ask for more than that =)

By Becoming "De way" you will now have access to the exclusive Patreon channel in my Discord!

Now go! Show them De way!

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De other way
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This tier is for the daring! The cutthroat thrill seekers who believe The real way is "De other way"! 

If you choose this daring path, Pyfer will send you one 1000 character or less story of YOUR choosing, ONCE A MONTH. That's 12,000 characters a year!

Imagine the things you could make SCP-682, Batman, Jigsaw, etc. say!     D:

You also get to show my Discord the light of "De other way"!

Now go! Show them "De other way"!

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About Pyfer

Hello everyone, first off i wanted to say this is all COMPLETELY optional, i strongly encourage you to make sure that everything you need is taken care of first, i wouldn't want you to donate money that you need!

Secondly, if you do wish to donate, i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, these small donations make all the difference in the world when i constantly need new equipment, resources, or expenses. Like i said, please only donate if you really can, i would rather you keep your money, this is just for people who have asked me to set this up mainly, and i appreciate the support wither you donate, or not =)

The only reason i have officially made this page public, is because i am currently no longer able to make videos, or do voice work near as much as i would like too. If i am able to reach my goal, then i will be able to make videos full time, and i will also be eternally grateful! =D
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If i am able to reach this goal, you will not only have had a personal hand in my dream of becoming a Professional Voice Actor, but i will also be able to focus on my work FULL TIME.
Which means plenty of regular videos =D

I dont expect this to happen soon, if at all, but i would just like to say that no matter WHAT you can donate, even if you CANT donate, i am very grateful that you let me do what i love for your entertainment. I appreciate you all, and no matter what, make sure your needs are taken care of before mine, and stay bootiful ;D
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