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About Queer Experience Survey

There is a particular phenomenon in marginalized populations: everyone who is a part of the population knows something is true based on experience, and everyone outside that group has no idea, and worse, doesn't want to believe "anecdotal data" without some kind of stronger backing. Queer identities are no exception to this phenomenon.

But, only very rarely are queer people given a fair study, and rarer still are those studies controlled by queer people, rather than simply written about them.

The IGS Survey is an informal ethnographic survey looking for the prevalence of given populations and belief systems inside queer spaces. 

It represents an opportunity for queer people to take hold of our own narrative and provide population data that is otherwise difficult or impossible to find, in a single space. 
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Data and Syntax files
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Does working with the public release spreadsheet crash you office software and browser? For one dollar a month, you will be given access to the data files the Surveyor uses in SPSS to manipulate and analyze at your heart's content. These files are compatible with PSPP open source software, for patrons who do not have an active SPSS subscription.
Discord Server Invitation
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Interested in chatting with the IGS surveyor and editorial team? For two dollars or more, you will be given a link to the IGS discord server. While the surveyor and editors will not always be online, this is a great chance to ask us any questions in a private, real time environment. In the server, we will often discuss unpublished summaries of the data, and explore how to analyze data to find out particular information. Includes access to the SPSS data files.
Includes Discord rewards
Survey Editor Service
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I will help you craft your own ethnographic survey of 20 exclusive-answer questions or less. An exclusive answer question is one where the respondent can only select a single answer from a list of possible choices (radial button question). This is for phrasing and design only. Data cleaning and analysis are not included.
Includes all lower reward tiers (Discord server access, SPSS files). 
Includes Discord rewards
$7 of $1,800 per month
Upon reaching this goal, the surveyor will be able to quit their current job and focus on the Queer Experience Survey full time.
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