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Also, Also, those Secret Masters that wish to participate will take part in an interactive story adventure on Storium.com. IF the story works out well enough the events and the Secret Masters' characters could be turned into a future UMBRA Casefile!

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About Michael Haspil

Quantum Froth Dispatches, or Q.F.D., for short, is a weekly podcast about Storytelling in all its myriad forms. Stories have always fascinated me and I like to share my favorite stories with people. These aren't limited by genre or subject or even medium, but for the first time, the spoken word is as powerful, if not more so, than the written word.

I'm somewhat lucky that my life observations have so far allowed me to experience some fantastic stories and meet with some very interesting creators. I would like to share the fun I've had with people. My dream is to bring listeners and viewers interesting stories to amaze, entertain, and educate.

The root goal of Q.F.D. is to help future and current storytellers develop and retain a passion of story. With that mission in mind, we will discuss the craft of storytelling, our favorite stories and why they are continually revisited, what makes some stories more captivating than others. While we explore those topics, we'll have author interviews, Q&A sessions, short stories, games, and even a few surprises! I also intend to simulcast live recordings on Youtube and Twitch (though that may not always be possible).

But I can't do it all alone. For the price of a fast-food combo meal, or a little more, you can make a real difference and together we can explore the fantastic tradition of storytelling and the depths of knowledge stories can reveal.

Thank you very much for your support!

Mike Haspil

P.S. the invite to the Discord server is: https://discord.gg/d34NtFv

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