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About Q-ichi

Welcome to my Patreon page!

Who are you, fool?
I'm Q-ichi. A humble mandrake. I'm writing a web-novel series.
I'll be posting this web-novel series on a site for readers to read.
I created this Patreon page in order to earn some attention from readers, build a fanbase community and ultimately have fun.
My goal is to get my web-novel series to more people who will enjoy the series and share it with their social circles.
Only when I have a significant fanbase will I focus on earning readers' monetary support.

Alright. You have my attention. What is this web-novel about?
Alright! My web-novel will be inspired by Japanese light novels. W-What? You're leaving? O-O-Okay. Bye...

... My web-novel's genre will be mainly a mix of action, adventure, and daily life. The theme will be 'isekai' or 'transferred to a fantasy world". Eh? M-More of you leaving? O-Okay. Good day...


Whoa! O-Oh. Thank you for reading up to this point! To put out a brief description, the web-novel is about a powerful magician searching for people to train and send over to a "different" world. That's the story that is written so far. Any more explanations will spoil the story.

Cool... Where can I read this web-novel?
The web-novel can be found in Rosetta Archive. Please visit and have a read!

*Sigh* Alright... What will be your plans for the patrons?
No plan at all! My webnovel is free to read on Rosetta Archive. If you are charitable enough to donate, you can do so here! 
$0 of $25 per month
This mandrake will release a 5 short comedy themed chapters starring this foolish mandrake as the protagonist.
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