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Every Little Bit Helps - For helping us see our way through the development of Threshold we will give you our sincerest thanks and a copy of our first game, Monsters!
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Threshold Early Access - Each month we will make available to supporters a copy of our latest test build. Supporter will also receive a sincerest thanks and a copy of our first game, Monsters!




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About QuadraTron Games

Greetings and well met travel… ehem… Hello! Early in 2014, myself (Zenas) and a few others got together during the Global Game Jam and created a game called Threshold. It was a fun puzzle platforming game with an interesting twist. Since then Mila, our artist, Woody, our level designer, and I have been working on Threshold. Along the way we have been regularly streaming our development via our Twitch.tv channel. We have enjoyed making new friends online as well as getting to chat with our channel’s viewers about our game's development.
We want to do more! But we are going to need your help.

Making games takes time. Lots and lots of time. For the moment, we have enough money saved up to continue working on these games, at least for a little while. Eventually, however, those savings are going to run out.

Our plan is to reach out to our growing community of fans and engage them directly during the development of Threshold. We want to expand our streaming from Tuesdays and Thursdays to Monday through Friday. We also want to get the development builds of our games out to the dedicated among you for play testing and other general feedback.


What does our sponsorship go towards?

Your support will firstly help us pay the rent. Our super secret lair at the Philly Game Forge provides us with a unique opportunity to work with many talented game developers. It will also provide us with a means to get out to various events to showcase our work. Showing our games to our fans and hearing their feedback is what makes us tick.

Will you deliver?

We’ve been working on games for a few years now. In 2013 we released Monsters!, which was funded, in part, by a successful Kickstarter campaign. We’ve also been regularly streaming our desktop workflow twice a week while interacting with our small but growing group of fans on Twitch.tv and Twitter. We have made a conscious effort to make this our livelihood, working 40 hour weeks to make it happen. We want to be here!

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Mandrake root, worms wart, and deadly nightshade don't come cheap! The things we need to craft our warez are many but with your sacrif... ahem.. I mean contribution, these are a minor impediment to our designs.
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