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is creating Quarantine Z(One)
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About Kevin Alfano

Quarantine Development Studios is a Studio being built and managed by Kevin Alfano, with the main purpose of developing Quarantine Z(one), an upcoming open World Survival game, with alot of inspiration from games like DayZ, 7 Days to Die, Minecraft, and ARC. QDS will also be creating animation assets and 3D assets to sell on the Unity Game Engine Page.

QZ1 will be an Open World Survival games with these core points:
Full Fledged Crafting System
Realistic Environment with 8+ Biomes
Realistic Animals + behaviour
Day-Night cycles with Seasonal variants
Mutations of both humans and animals(further elaboration at later date)

Cross Platform support between Xbox and PC are in mind but not definite
Multiplayer Servers(at least 20 players) aiming for 100 Player servers
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Will provide new media outlets and release more information about QZ1, as well as produce and release videos on where we are now, and how we have gotten here!
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