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I write lots of gender history. I keep track of my published internet writing here.

I want to keep on writing for as many places as I can which don’t have paywalls, so the ideas I’m developing get out there. By becoming my patron you'll get to see my writing and thinking as it happens. A few of the themes I want to work on across the next year can be found here. You can hear me talk about some of my ideas here.

I’ve run pieces with Viewpoint Mag, Blind Field Journal, The New Socialist, Ritual Magazine, Hypocrite Reader, and Novara Media. I've published collaborations, I've written philosophy, I've arranged panels at commie conferences, I wrote for VICE.

As the last paragraph maybe suggests, I'm constantly pitching and considering commissions from new magazines and venues. Patrons can expect a continuous flow of notes, drafts, reviews, readings, speculation, unpublished material, and pitches before anyone else gets to see them.

Every dollar you give me will give me more time to work on my writing, and thinking. Thanks!
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If I reach this much by October 15 I'll attend Historical Materialism Conference and produce a Patreon-exclusive report.
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