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OH HAI LOVE. How are you?

My name's Tommy and I'm an Essex boy, living in Brighton, Queer Artist making theatre that pushes the barriers of conversation. My work is extremely personal and makes me confront subjects I'd rather leave hidden in a box at the back of my wardrobe. As an artist, I think it’s important to push conversation and delve deeper into what we can speak about in the traditional theatre space.

My debut show, Homophobe, hit London and Brighton to critical acclaim in 2016. I even won an award so I can now add award winning to my job title now. The press also said some lovely things about me. Here's a few of my favourite lines...

"The Queer Historian does not only have an incredibly wide range of talents, but he is also able to bring a deeply personal experience in front of an audience in a heartfelt way" Arts Award Voice

"It's incredibly important that voices and stories such as Tommy's are heard in theatre." A Younger Theatre

...but I'm not going to lie. Making work is expensive. People need to pay their bills (can you pay my bills? can you pay my telephone bills? can you pay my automo-bills?) and while I funded the last show out of my own back pocket, I can’t keep doing it. I don't have that kind of money just laying around.

While me and my little team secure funding for the future from grants and the strange pockets of cash that's available for emerging artists like me, I still need to find roughly 10% of each of my productions budget and so here I am looking for that dollar. So if you've got a bit of loose change at the bottom of your account that you want going to a good home, I can promise you this - each project is going to be bigger, bolder & braver and you will be helping me create some good work.

Oh and if you've just come here for a nosey because you've seen this on my social channels then here's a picture of me deep throating a balloon for art.

Photographer: Matt Golowcynsk.
$90 of $650 per Project
Sex Addiction: The Lecture

It’s been 5 years since I began my recovery, only many people don’t think I ever had anything to recover from. In just over 3 years, I slept with 3,597 men. That’s 3,597 names I don’t know.

However the new show isn’t about that, it’s about how society try to own or give name to experiences they haven’t experienced but to make this show the best we can, we need some money to pay for things we can’t get out of our main budget.

These include getting me a duty of care in place for me to talk about this difficult subject, get some people in the rehearsal room with me so I can make this one powerful piece of theatre and making sure, all round, that this is the best possible piece of work I can make.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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