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  • Hey, I know $1 may not seem like a lot but it truly adds up. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I know how much $1 can truly mean because I've been there. So, as a reward, I would like to give you huge thank you on my twitter, IG, and Facebook pages.
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Hi, I'm Ruben👋🏽(he/they) I'm a writer, comedian, and public speaker... but you might know me as "Queer Xicano Chisme." I curate content and deliver critique on my multi-platform blogs on Facebook/Instagram, host a podcast, perform video essays on Youtube, and deliver socio-cultural criticism, jokes, and education on Twitter.

I want to make it clear that all of my social media content will remain free, because I think making my knowledge, critiques, and wit accessible can help a lot of folks grow (including myself!).

However I want to embark on new creative journeys (like videos) but these take time and resources that I don't have right now. SO I could really use some support! I know a lot of folks have said they've learned a lot from me and have asked for ways to compensate me for that, so here's your chance!

So, you might ask... 

"What is Patreon"?
Well, lemme answer, beloved. Patreon is a website that helps you support your favorite creators by giving you the option to make monthly donations. They can be as little as $1 a month to as much as $50 (in my case). You can cancel your subscription at ANY time.

"What do I get out of supporting your lil queer ass?"
A lot actually! Depending on your commitment, there's different rewards but some dope low cost ones are things like: access to exclusive posts, livestreams, bonus cuts from my videos and podcasts, as well as a look at my unreleased works of fiction!

"Damn, girl. I can't afford to give you shit 😕" 
AND THAT'S SUPER COOL. I don't expect ALL of my followers to donate to me, but I know I have many followers that can, and many more that have expressed desire to compensate me for my labor. Also, I never want folks to feel like they're making a sacrifice by supporting my work; I literally just want your chunk change if you have any to spare!🤷🏽

You can also support my work by sharing my Patreon (or having your school/community book me for a speaking gig by e-mailing me at: [email protected])

With your help I can hopefully fulfill my long term goal of being a full time indie creator!! I thank you so much in advance for even CONSIDERING giving me ANY amount.

Side bar: if a one time donation is more your thing than a monthly subscription, you can hit up my other links. Honestly anything would be dope!

Venmo: @QueerXiChisme
51% complete

If I get this much then I'd be able to make the time have the resources to create ONE podcast episode and ONE video every month!
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