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Who am I?
Born 1977 in Austria/Europe, studied Computers (back when they were cool) and work as IT sysadmin 9 to 5. I'm interested in all tech related things but also love nature. 
Live in beautiful Austria (this is one of the greatest boni for my channel, aerial videos just look great here - here you dont need to be super talented to have good looking content :)
I always had an interest into RC toys as a kid, had a small truck and rubber band steeringless planes back then. 2007 I rediscoverd the hobby got a RC heli and soon attached a digital camera (actioncams werent invented yet). FPV was the next logical step then in 2008. Since this I spent many hours "in the air" while wearing FPV goggles...

Why support me?
Because I found something I love to do. And I want to spend as much time possible creating content on my RC Channel in my "hangar" - which is basically my basement, converted into some sort of youtube-studio. The more support I get from you guys, the less dependend am I from other sources of income ;-)
Most of the money is re-invested into hobby stuff that I test/review for you, or into equipment like camera gear, light setup,...
HONEST Reviews - I dont depend on affiliate programs (which basically make you an salesperson imho). I dont earn anything if you buy the products I show in my reviews. With more Patreon support I can buy interesting products and show you my findings.

What do you get?
I'm still new here and will have to develop "premium content" or early access videos that you guys will see first or exclusivley. This is a work in progress - stay tuned! 
Of course you will get a premium "line" and I will answer patrons questions with extra dedication.

4% complete
Getting more support from Patrons then from Youtube (in avg) would be an awesome sign and would allow me to concentrate more on making good content than on "marketing" my videos by posting them everywhere in order "to be seen" amongst this huge number of creators on YT...
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