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About Ruby Griffith Ramirez

¡Hola – Hello – Yá’át’ééh!

Just want to welcome you to this Patreon page — maybe you came here from REZMAMA, or from MuttonUp! (launched on April 1st, 2018):

Maybe you know me or maybe your visit was by chance... however it happened, I am here to learn and share with you all. I will be uploading videos, artwork, and patron-only posts. I hope to humbly express myself through this so that I may continue creating on behalf of my daughter, myself, and all of you. Thank you!

#FOSS #NaturalLaw #Self-Reliance

Four words to describe me:
Native Mexican American Mamá.
Four colors I like:
Black, white, blue, and gray.
Four places I’ve lived:
California; New York; Guerrero (Mexico); and the Navajo Nation (Arizona).
Four goals I have:
  • To raise my daughter to be a good woman;
  • To be a successful online creator;
  • To share ideas that may help future generations;
  • To have fun!
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