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When we (Jonathan and Andy) first started this channel, we just wanted to do what we love doing: talking about movies, video games, and board games with ourselves and our friends. Little did we know how unprepared we were when we started. True, its more about the quality of the content than the quality of the visuals and production quality, but as content creators we also care about how our content is presented, and for that we need your help. With monthly pledges, you guys can help us upgrade our equipment for better lighting, better editing software, better cameras for recording quality, better microphones to be able to bring on more awesome people, as well as field equipment so we can go out on vlogging adventures and cover awesome events like comic-con and other places where we can hopefully meet you and do street interviews. Please check out RGBtv, and if you like its content, please subscribe and consider becoming a Patron. We truly appreciate your time and support :)
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