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• For every video made available to the public, you get TWO new videos.

• That means you're not just one video ahead of the public- you access DOUBLE the content the public does (counting from August 2018)!

• What a steal!

...and the Drips!
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Dig a little deeper and get a direct line to me!

• Every benefit of the Waters2


• Gain access to the Patreon text channels in my Discord server where you can personally bug me to do Parappa 2 

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• All the benefits of the Waters2


• All the benefits of the Drips


• Access to the Discord live screenshare and voice channel for streams!  You can talk to me online, in real time, in front of people!




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Don't give money to this clown, donate it to you favorite charity.
If you really enjoy what I do, and cannot be dissuaded, I would appreciate your Patronage, so check out what I have to offer.

You most likely know me as The One who LP'd Parappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy. I do that and so much more!
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If you collectively drop me the C-Note, I will race a marathon of Spyro the Dragon PS1 trilogy - 100% - with charity donations.
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