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About RK Sympathy


【Hello and Welcome to RK Sympathy's Patreon!】

For those who are new here, it's a pleasure to have you. If you haven't heard of us previously, we're an organization that spreads mental health awareness through various forms of media!


Our Current Work

The base of RK Sympathy's operation uses synthesized voices that we've named Sympathyloids. Each of these Sympathyloids are to be given a voice, design, and a specified illness from the DSM-5. Using mixed forms of media, each voice speaks out on behalf of those who must live with these illnesses. Each Sympathyloid is a medium our audience can use to express their experiences, knowledge, and more of its designated illness. Through their name, face, and voice, people can gather together to share and understand details of a disorder that's normally stigmatized in public.

In order to begin expanding into other forms of media, our side project, State of Presence, was created.
In this Supernatural/Drama/Psychological visual novel, you play as Kacper Takarski, a Polish man who suffers from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. In the past, he had spent his daily life caring for his younger brother (Marcel) and depended on his childhood friend (Izaak) for emotional support. That is, before everything came crashing down.
Upon waking up in an unknown location, Kacper is faced with the truth - he has died, is stuck here, and may never pass. After meeting some strange individuals and a certain familiar face, he's left to make the best of this situation on his own.

"Define perfect. To be desirable and flawless? Or to be real and absolute? Taras believes there’s such a thing as being too perfect, and as out-of-touch with reality he is, that doesn’t mean he can’t recognize it when this guy is staring him in the face."
Ambivalence is a Drama/Romance webcomic written by Moonstar, drawn by Ruka Kurokawa, and produced by RK Sympathy. It features Russian Sympathyloids Valentin Sokolov, Nikon Sokolov, Taras Chaykovsky, and Yaroslava Kozlov. Future episodes may also add another batch to the mix.


Why Patreon?

It didn't take long for us to realize that running these projects out of our pockets wouldn't last very long! After experimenting with a few different crowdfunding sites, we discovered that Patreon was the easiest way to give back to our audience as well as keep them involved in our work.


The Benefits

As a patron, you'll receive exclusive access to the nuts and bolts of our operation! We have tiers suited for all your interests, whether that be General Support, Early Access, Artwork, Voicebanks, State of Presence, or New Projects. Starting from Andante (Early Access), your benefits include all the previous tiers as well!


We look forward to hearing from you, and as always, thank you for your support!

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State of Presence Demo: Budget Upgrade
Achieving this goal will allow us to raise the demo's budget for our visual novel side project, State of Presence. Maybe we'll add in some sprite animations? More CGs? It's up to our patrons!
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