Funda Yilmaz

is creating Embodied Music, meditation, dance interventions for Dyslexia


About me...
In 2005, I had a near-death experience... I literally almost died. Born to an artistic mom who expressed her creativity through painting and a very creative dad who loves research and project development, until then my life was all about self-expression, creativity, and beauty. That "medical trauma" helped me review my life... And I decided to dedicate my living years to contributing my talents and life experience to improving the quality of others' lives... I'm on a journey ever since.

I got my Masters in Science degree from Auburn University and started counseling in 2006. In 2012, I wrote and illustrated a self-help book for preschoolers who witnessed family violence. Later that year, I became an affiliate of a national think tank dedicated to improving child trauma treatments and collaborated on several national guidelines to help child survivors of trauma.

About the project...
I published the e-book Rewiring the Dyslexic Brain: Songs, Meditations and Games for Embodied Confidence and Competence in December 2019 to introduce the ROMChi Reader, a new, strengths-based way for dyslexic children to learn how to read and write.

There is a consensus among scientists that dyslexia is an information processing disorder of our nervous system. And our nervous system is incredibly plastic. Every time we learn something, our nervous system is changing. The way to promote change in the nervous system is not through rote memorization but through Flow experiences that challenge the kids in proportion to their skill level.

The ROMChi Reader program brings together multisensory activities that look like music, dance, song, games, and drawings. Together, these activities stimulate the nervous system and motivate the brain to rewire itself to relieve the problems associated with dyslexia. I offer consultation services online and in-person through my private practice and as a group fitness instructor. However, I'd like to develop high-quality products with professional artists and make these widely accessible to world audiences for affordable prices. Your donations will help me launch various tools I've developed over the years to help children avoid labels and loss of self-confidence that is commonly experienced, especially during the formative 1st-4th grades.

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