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What is RPSTV?

Revolutions Per Second TV;
Bringing you quality content on and off the motorcycle!

Your support goes directly towards helping me pursue the dream of bringing you guys higher quality content more often with the aspirations of going full time. My hopes also include introducing travel and destination adventures that I can take you guys with me on! Your support will go directly towards the likes of:
- Protective gear
- Quality film equipment
- Motorcycle
- & supporting myself, eventually *crosses fingers & prays*
Your support will allow me to devote more time to the extremely time consuming process of editing and creating content. This all being said, I am not struggling to pay my own bills or support myself at the moment. I work 6 days a week actually. 5 nights a week in the service industry and the other two nights I am either editing or recording mostly. I work hard to pay bills and for things like; recording equipment, PC, software, motorcycle maintenance (tires, upkeep etc.) so that I can create and share it with you, doing what I love to do!

So this is just an opportunity for those who REALLY enjoy RPSTV to get involved and support the future of the channel even if only a small amount! I sincerely appreciate all the likes, comments, views and support daily and can't thank you guys enough!


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