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About RTNightmare

My Bio:
I am an artist who specializes in Fan Art, (specific) Fan Fiction, and (specific) original fiction. I have been drawing since I was little and writing since I was around 11, more so coming when I turned 13. I don't use my birth name because I feel it does not represent ME.
Rachel Terrora (RTNightmare) is the name I gave myself a year or two ago when I created the original character/persona for the fandom The Nightmare Before Christmas. She was the update of another OC that I shake my head at now. 

I am a very picky person when it comes to likes and dislikes. My favorite genres fantasy/romance and even then, the subcategories need to be pretty exact for me to enjoy it. I am super opinionated, but I am open to feedback and ideas as long as you are polite. Should you be rude or aggressive, I won't listen and you will be blocked. I have no problem with you should you state an opinion (without bashing others) or give me constructive criticism. In fact, I encourage it. :D


I started my original series, Shadow Magic when I was 16. It was originally named A Dark Adventure (with various other names based on which book it was), but the story was very half-assed with characters that were too perfectly imperfect. It needed reworking, and now is the time to do it...

Available on Patreon:
I will be making WIPs and final drafts of all materials related to this series. That includes mini-fics (ficlets), sketches of what is or what is to come, and more.


SpiriTale is an AU (alternate universe) of the game Undertale. Based slightly on the Avatar/Legend of Korra world, it is a non-kill/non-dust concept that is more about the idea of light and dark. The real difference is that instead of Spirits, there are monsters.

Available on Patreon: Comic Pages, WIPs, notes, and sketches will be made available. The final drafts will be available on my DeviantArt page for anyone to view after a few pages of being on here. I feel that this system helps others get their money's worth.


CounterTale is an AU I created, with a Fan Fiction (60+ chapters in the works). CounterTale is an AU where so many things are the reverse, or opposite (counter intuitive), to what is expected. Sans is king, humans lost the war, Asgore and Toriel have been kidnapped (which is why Sans is king), Papyrus has Fallen Down and is nearing the end, Frisk is trying to lead the humans to peace with Asriel/Petals (because even he realizes that 'Flowey' sucks) who still has a Soul, and everything is just...chaotic. Sans is just done, and what happens when a strange 'human' from another world appears in the most insane way possible? Read the fan fiction to find out!

CounterTale has a Tumblr!
CounterTale is also on DeviantArt!


The most that will be available are mainly WIPs and final drafts that aren't available anywhere else because I'm uncertain if I will keep them. I will be putting STORY NOTES among other things. 

Available on Patreon: WIPs, notes, sketched, and uncertain designs (visuals I might scrap because I have better ideas) will be made available here only. The final drafts will be available here before I upload them to DeviantArt a day or so later. Some things will never make it anywhere else.
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