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Hi Everyone 

My name is Carolyn, I'm retired, a senior citizen and a new RV owner. 

I'm making many mistakes on this journey but I'm having fun also and living life. 

A few years ago I began losing my dearest friends and family to cancer, heart disease, and sudden death issues at young ages.  

I started downsizing my lifestyle, I stoped smoking, moved into a tiny apartment, and retired early so I could enjoy life and my family. 

The past two years I researched and shopped around for a recreational vehicle I could travel in to see the US an create new experiences. 

August 2017,  I purchased a 2018 Coachman Clipper  travel trailer and prepared my 2014 Ford Edge with no tow package to haul my little home on wheels.  There have been several bumps on my road. 

I started 2018 by driving cross country 4500 miles round trip to attend the CheapRVLiving Rubber Tramp Rendezvous at Quartzsite Arizona. I had a great experience and met wonderful people and many new friends. The trip was challenging. I captured my journey and shared my experiences on my You Tube Channel, RVrebel Girl. 

I wish to thank everyone for subscribing to my channel, watching my videos and sharing them with others. I appreciate all your encouragement, friendship, and support.

Join me by continuing to watch and support my videos, I promise the more I create the better they will get.  Travel with me as I share my bloopers along this long and winding road of life ........

100% complete
My goal is to create fun, interesting videos others can learn from.  Hopefully my experiences with help others. 
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