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About Robert X All dem lolz (thepoke32)

   I make commentary, YTPs, memes and osu! videos for the enjoyment of my fans and any new viewers. I thank every single one of you for viewing my channel and supporting it.

Why am I doing this?
  -YouTube cut my monetization and I can't make money out of this anymore.
  -I need to save up for a different setup so I can upgrade my video quality.
  -I want to communicate with my patrons.
  -I want to give my patrons perks.

Where your money goes
Your money will go towards the content's quality, a new computer (which in turn will make the content quality better) and towards my motivation to keep making content, as YouTube cut my monetization and I'm not making any money anymore.
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When I reach $1000 per month, I will upload daily and make way higher quality content. If I ever reach this, I want to thank you for giving me the equivalent of a living on Patreon.
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