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Kit's are the first tier and are also very appreciated. Not that it's much but if you choose to pledge to the Kit tier you'll get a "Thank You" message and my gratitude for life <3

P.s, for all tiers except 'Kit' your pledge must go through the first month, and then you will receive your reward! 

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Bunnies are the second tier of course and if you pledge this amount you get a free character headshot sketch of your choice as shown above! Thank you so much and just like the last tier, you have my thanks and ultimate gratitude! <3
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OMG, are you actually considering to pledge $10? You're an angel! But seriously thank you so much and as a reward for this tier you may see W.I.P's on pictures and paints only, and certain image projects <3

> As well, you can see my full detailed tutorial process <3




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About Rabbiru

I love drawing and animating, I hope I find time to pursue my ambitions, but until then I can't ddo that unless I get some help if you know what I mean. It would mean the world if you were to become a patron, truly, I hope you enjoy the rewards and love what I create as much as I do <3
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My first $100, what a small step for Rabbiru, and one giant leap for fluffy-kind
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