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*You will also have access to invisible-illness health updates, videos I post of creative work, my cat, or just oddities in my life. 

There are plenty of perks at this level because I want to build a strong base of supporters who give at sustainable levels.  Can you joyfully commit to $12 a year for the next three years?

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*In addition to rewards from previous levels.  

*Receive an individualized short recording, video message, or art postcard once a year.   If you have a personal preference about what you receive, please let me know.   Due to exhaustion and pain, I can't always produce on demand but will try my best.

You have a sweet spot in my heart for giving at this level because I hope it is a sustainable level and that builds stability.  Please do so if you can afford $60 a year for the next three years.

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*Receive an empathetic listening session via video once per year at your request.  Please reach out and request this reward when it makes sense to you.  I adore listening and want to hear what is going on for you!

Please give at this level if you can sustainably afford to give $120 a year for the next three years.




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You'll need the volume all the way up for this video.

Greetings and Welcome, Kind Souls!

I'm so glad you're here!

This campaign has become my source of survival during a trying time while I am adjusting to the realities of permanent disability. I became disabled in 2012 when I was exposed to a bunch of chemicals at work and developed extreme exhaustion. From the start I thought I would get better in a month or two but instead things have become progressively worse. I developed a constellation of painful symptoms and sickly feelings which have overwhelmed my life. I lost my home and was homeless for several years. I lost my ability to work or to engage in beloved hobbies such as dance. By now I am bed bound and unable to care for myself doing basic things like cooking, cleaning, and running errands. I use a wheelchair to get around outside the house but usually only leave the house for doctor's appointments. In those cases, I am done in by increased symptoms for the next few days or weeks.

In 2013 when I started to recognize things were serious I applied for SSDI income and after three tortuous years of waiting, was denied that vital help. This Patreon campaign has constituted my income for the last two years. Your kind help is how I stay alive. I'm applying again for SSI which means if I am exceedingly lucky, I might possibly have income in 2022. It's challenging for me to acquire disability income because judges, like most people, don't understand invisible disabilities. You can read about my disabilities and diagnoses on my illness blog, https://holeinthemiddleblog.wordpress.com/.

Big Thanks!

Every month when I receive your gifts I am humbled thoroughly and touched deeply. Without your help I would be on the street, unable to eat or find my way to treatments. You give me hope that humans could maybe save each other!

If You're Considering Helping

Please only give at a level which you can sustain with comfort and joy. My hope for continuing with this Patreon campaign is to encourage a larger base of people donating at smaller amounts. To this end, I am beginning to share more reward content with contributors at lower levels. I'm preparing regular health updates for you via video.

About Rewards

Rewards are under ongoing construction as I try to discover what it truly in my reach to offer. If you have ideas about what you would like to receive, please share them!! If you've signed up for video rewards, please note that you must reach out and contact me to schedule and receive these rewards. Please don't be shy about doing so. I promise I will only offer my energy and presence when I truly can.

Often I am so thoroughly incapacitated that I cannot produce anything. I am trying to offer more rewards that focus on being and presence, but I hope you will understand that I cannot always be present for you on demand. I hope to share in reciprocal trust with you that we will only do what we truly have the capacity to do for each other.

You don't need to donate through the Patreon platform to receive the patronage rewards. If you would rather mail me checks or donate via Paypal, I will gladly offer you the same rewards ~ plus the handling fees will be lower that way.

Paying it Forward

Having chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and a host of other issues makes it impossible to sign on to and show up for a regular job, and removes the possibility of volunteering on a regular basis as well. On the days when I am struggling to survive, I can do very little meaningful participation in society. On rare good days, I still have skill, compassion, and energy to give. If you can help cover some of my basic expenses and increase my stability, I will be more free to do helpful and fulfilling work. Thank you in advance for making it possible for me to be a positive resource in our shared community.

What I Have Been Doing Thanks to Patreon Support

*Small, satisfying creative projects that keep me excited about life.
*Stewardship of an adorable cat who saves my heart every day.
*Interviews with other folks who are dealing with chronic and/or invisible illness with (semi long term) plans to write a helpful article or pamphlet for the friends and families of disabled folks.
*Monthly Authentic Movement Facilitation for Queer and Disabled People Via Video.
*Free empathetic listening sessions for activists and other great humans.
*A grief ritual for disabled folks.
*Consent awareness projects.
*I'm a Certified (but not practicing) Professional Cuddlist!
*Help with winter projects and fundraising for a dance community.
*Teaching intro to ASL lessons online.
*Showing up with tips and support for others navigating homelessness and poverty due to disability.
*Hosting monthly brunches that mix queer, disabled and all kinds of other folks.
*Studying Tarot
*Exploring and practicing Metta and Tonglen with an eye towards planetary healing.

Thanks for paying things forward and allowing me to do this work when I have been able. I have unfortunately found that I am not well enough to offer cuddle sessions as work, in fact I'm trying to get sessions for myself covered.

Basic Income Pledge

Lots of folks are talking about basic income (http://basicincome.org/basic-income/) or Unconditional Basic Income (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_income).

What would you do if your financial necessities were taken care of? What do you imagine I would do if I wasn’t worried about survival? A few folks are utilizing Patreon to approximate basic income. The idea is that before we decide it is a good idea to provide every person with basic income and put that into practice, we can test it out. Of course you giving to me is not the same as everyone receiving basic income pulled from taxes, but it's a way to see how people behave when given financial support independent of work.

I’m joining others who have pledged to give their excess contributions to others seeking basic income. Scott Santens pledges to pay every dollar over $1000 to others making a similar pledge (https://www.patreon.com/scottsantens). Because of my illness, and my belief that setting basic income too low will cause new power imbalance problems even as it solves them, the threshold of my pledge will be $2000 per month. Every dollar above that I will happily donate to someone seeking basic income and who has made a similar pledge.

My Most Sincere Thanks ~ Rabbit Greenfield

$493.82 of $820 per month
Basic Survival

My current goal of $820 per month is about basic survival ~ which is more expensive for a person with chronic illness.

I am specifically seeking many donors at smaller amounts so that I am less at risk of re-entering homelessness if larger donors must bow out.

If you think you have an extra $1 or $5 or $20 to spend each month and you can commit to that for at least a year, please do become a patron and support my survival.

Since I hope to acquire disability income at some long future date, it will help even more if you can plan to support me for three years or so.  

If you can’t contribute, but know people who can, please share this campaign and let folks know small gifts are appreciated!

Items in My Current Monthly Budget: (Total $820)

Food $350
(Organic, Gluten Free, Specialty Foods I need)

Functional Medicine Appointment $60

Supplements $160 to 220
(Per Functional Medicine Doctor) 
There are a bunch of things I cannot afford but really need currently at the $160 end of this range.

Cat Food $100
(As predicted, first year of cat ownership is over $1,000)

Internet $50
(Keeps me sane and distracted from pain)

Paying Down Credit Debt Minimums $50
(Debt keeps building as long as the money I receive here falls short of this budget)

Subsidized Rent $25
(This could go up at any time, but yes it is a miracle)

Misc Necessities  $25
(Soap, dental floss, epsom salts...)

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