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Howdy! Thanks for visiting my Patreon page!

You've arrived at a very exciting time in my life. I'm recording my first solo album! I recently returned home to the salty swamps of the South Texas coast to help out my Grandpa Raby. The magic down here is so grounding and inspiring. I'm producing Dirty-South Wizard-Pop music and art from my "Diva Trailer", deep in the Texas coast boonies. Its sounding a lot like Dream-Pop and Synth-Pop with a Southern folk-magic twist. 

I want as many people to hear my music as possible but since I'm not touring or performing many shows, I'm relying heavily on music videos to chariot my work beyond this lil ole fishing village. Thanks to the internet I'm able to work with some of the best talent in the world. Hobotech is mixing my album!!! Thats right, the genius who writes the books for Ableton Live is my mix master and teacher. Then there's the stupid super-talented video production crew who are currently rallying to shoot the video for my single, Swamp Witch, on the lunar eclipse of September 16th! Send healing prayers to the waters of the Texas coast.  

My album is scheduled to release January 2017! Your patronage will help fund the production and marketing of multiple music videos: the #1 catalyst for success as a modern musician. With enough funding I can also press my album in vinyl and invest in a righteous PR campaign to get the word out.  And then my debut album will become a raging success and I'll be able to fund my next album and make more music videos and magical art and merch. With all this support, I'll inspire millions to honor their own creative genius and liberate themselves from shame into pure genius expression!

Your blessing, large or small, encourages me to honor my creative genius. I invite you to donate, share and say a little prayer. I've concocted delicious perks in exchange for your inspiration: Insights into my creative process, play sets and downloads, unique experiences and consultations, production stems for remixes and more! Thank you for your sweetest compassion and consideration.

May you honor your creative genius in all its preposterous profundity from the depths of your heart!

Bless, Raby
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Swamp Witch Music Video PR Campaign
This will cover the PR, marketing and copyright of the video and single.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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