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Hey there, it's your girl Rachel Fannan and I just found out about Patreon. How cool is this? So here's the deal. Once a month I'll be writing, recording and releasing a new song. My goal is to make each song lyrically relevant to the times to help promote awareness on issues I care about like gun violence, equality and social justice.  Short n' sweet.

Would you like to be a part of making that happen? In addition to the main goal of this launch I've included an exciting bonus reward offer for anyone craving more. I'd really LOVE some rewards suggestions from YOU for smaller donations ($5, $10, $20), so send them my way because you're voice will be heard.

 What's going into each track you might be wondering? When you sign up to be my Patreon you aren't just "paying me to write". Your contributions are funding the hiring of various incredible musicians, engineers, mixers, their skills, their talent and their time. It's not just about me! Join with us. No amount is too small. You won't regret it.
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