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About Bonsart

Your donations will support Radio Retro Future on Youtube, all all those artists and content creators that appear there

Purpose of this project:
- Promote Steampunk and Retrofuturism. Not just as a hobby, but also a relevant subculture that can inspire anyone to achieve  great things in creative ways.
- Unite fans of Steampunk togheter in unique projects in other to create something awesome.
- Getting new visions and idea's out there by offering platforms like Radio retrofuture.
- Develop interactive entertainment during events.
- Organise seminars and workshops on Steampunk and related subjects
- Create more (web)content, both informative and entertaining.

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Thank you for supporting Radio RF and provide a platform for Steam/Dieselpunks and Retrofuturists from al over the world.
In the future we might do private hangouts were you can chat to your favorite artists, bloggers etc on Discord.
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You will get a shout out to whatever Project, Channel or Event you working on. And your name will be noted in the credits.
Also you get access to our Discord.

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Get access to our Discord server, early access to content and a special shoutout the end of our video's. 

Includes Discord rewards
$14 of $30 per month
You would like to hear Radio Retrofuture on you Mobile phone while on the road, but the youtube episodes take to much bandwith.

When this Patreon reaches this goal I will submits audio-only podcasts to Soundcloud for you enjoyment.
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