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Who am I?
My name is RadioRes. And I create YouTube videos in my spare time.

What games do you play?
Mostly strategy. My interests change from time to time, but Europa Universalis IV will remain the greatest game ever made.

Why donate?
My channel will always have at least 1 video upload per day. These are the Let's Play videos for whatever series is ongoing right now. I say 'at least 1 video/day' because these Let's Play videos will be supplemented by Video Guides, which probably brought you here :)
Video Guides take substantial more time to record and edit than any Let's Play videos. So the guides won't be uploaded as frequently. But you should still see a guide or two every week. That's 6 to 8 guides per month. If you have watched other guides on YouTube, you will know that the guides produced on this channel are the highest quality guides you can find for EU4 (soon to be extended to other strategy games).
Additionally, I will sometimes play other (mostly strategy) games on top of scheduled EU4 content. Getting all that together means 40+ videos every month. Average duration of the video is about 20 minutes, so that's over 13 hours of guaranteed entertainment every month! Compare that to say a movie which lasts 2 hours, for which you might pay close to $10; paying $5 or $10 for 13 hours of entertainment is very reasonable.
Well, that was my logical reasoning. Putting it more simply, you can just become my patron, if you like me and my content :)
Of course, you don't have to donate anything here. The videos will always be public and I appreciate you just checking out my patreon page and being a viewer! Thank you!
$59.20 of $60 per month
My internet is what keeps all the content going. Help me stuff the ISPs with money.
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