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Dear All,

my name is Radmila, and it translates as Joy :) 
I am 28 years old woman that believes in people, art, that everything is possible and that everyone can win and find yourself. I believe in people and that together, United we are stronger than all winds on earth. 
I am an artist in soul, too logical lawyer by my studies, entrepreneur by living, listener by nature and motivator by calling. I create things, paint, make photos, build and ruin my ideas. I am no perfect human that at times is too perfectionist. I am a stubborn kid and strong woman with a lot of life expierence. Travel addict, visited 30 countries, now I live in England, but before I lived in other countries and still didn’t find a place to call “home”. Have a lot to share, and have a lot of goals to achieve. I only wish with your support, because even though I believe in everyone I do not believe in myself at times. 

There is no enough “thank you’s“ to describe how much I value every single one of you. I wish you all the magic in the world , and no matter of how small or big your goal is, I wish you to achieve it. And never give up on the way to it. Yours truly Radmila ❤️
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7 is my favorite number, it has some magical meaning for me, and funny that it actually follows me through my life in certain ways :) as I am so new here, but have so much to share with you I am looking forward to achieve my first goal... to find my first 7 very special people :)
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