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Stars... if you look up you see hundreds of them, but what you don’t see is the rest, billions of unique,shiny stars. It’s you, it’s me, it’s all of us. Please join me on the rollercoaster called life. Let’s discuss life, make art, share travel tips(by the way I  saw only 30 countries, but imagine how many I would see through your eyes?:)) 

lets be friends that help help each other with useful tips and tricks on how not to give up, win the life and in the meantime do some fun together! 

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world‘s fundamental-curious,never tired of discovering people. I will share with you my life,my heart,my art and my tips on how to live life to fullest,how to never give up.How to use your day towards being closer to your goal. I will be your friend and Will connect with you through my art and my life expierence and thoughts. I value curious people and is like that myself.
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Believers are very important part of our world. And especially for me. there is nothing more inspiring than people who believe in you,and encourage you to do more. My dear ,dear believers, with you we will create art, my reward for you believing in me and what I am doing would be :

part  you on my painting, photo,video or any art I would create. You can tell me a color, shape, word, object, feeling and I would use it in my art and of course you would see it yourself.




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Dear All,

my name is Radmila, and it translates as Joy :) 
I am 28 years old woman that believes in people, art, that everything is possible and that everyone can win and find yourself. I believe in people and that together, United we are stronger than all winds on earth. 
I am an artist in soul, too logical lawyer by my studies, entrepreneur by living, listener by nature and motivator by calling. I create things, paint, make photos, build and ruin my ideas. I am no perfect human that at times is too perfectionist. I am a stubborn kid and strong woman with a lot of life expierence. Travel addict, visited 30 countries, now I live in England, but before I lived in other countries and still didn’t find a place to call “home”. Have a lot to share, and have a lot of goals to achieve. I only wish with your support, because even though I believe in everyone I do not believe in myself at times. 

There is no enough “thank you’s“ to describe how much I value every single one of you. I wish you all the magic in the world , and no matter of how small or big your goal is, I wish you to achieve it. And never give up on the way to it. Yours truly Radmila ❤️
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7 is my favorite number, it has some magical meaning for me, and funny that it actually follows me through my life in certain ways :) as I am so new here, but have so much to share with you I am looking forward to achieve my first goal... to find my first 7 very special people :)
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