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Hi, I'm Raederle.

You may know me a an board game designer – the illustrator, designer and executive creator of games including Voice of Conscience, Heir to the Phoenix Crown, and Numinous Nonflict. Thank you for playing my games!

You may know me as a health guru with over a decade of experience. I've studied at the Super Nutrition Academy, and for six years I was the chief editor for The Vegetarian Health Institute. Thank you for buying my recipe books and investing in your health!

You may know me as an illustrator, writer, or photographer. Here on Patreon, you see it all. Here I share my story, creations, and products.

  • My incredible gratitude and sense of feeling loved and supported by you – Thank You so much for being a part of my journey!
  • Exclusive updates
  • Excerpts from my realizations journal (you get full access at $3)
  • Occasional photos of me and my life never-before-shared (you get full access at $3)

  • You will get access to patron-only sales up to 70% off my books, games, fonts & retreats.
  • Every now and then I will ask all my patrons if anyone is interested in being a proof-reader which will give you advance access to my current project at no charge in exchange for your detailed feedback.
  • Current projects updates 
  • One of my lineart drawings from one of my coloring books for you to download, print and color each season (every three months)
  • Exclusive realizations journal access
  • Access to my charts (comparing prices, diets, enzymes, books, nutrition, and much more)
  • Photography
  • Insider polls to help me decide what to work on next or what to include in my next book.
  • After twelve months of patronage you will get the ebook edition of Appliance-Free, 5-Minute, Revitalizing Recipes.

  • The above perks and:
  • One of my line-art drawings from one of my coloring books for you to download, print and color every month. (Instead of every three months.)

  • You will receive the above perks and a hand-written letter from me every three to six weeks. This tier is limited to only ten patrons, so grab your spot before they're all taken!
  • With your hand-written letter you'll occasionally receive one-of-a-kind creations of mine such as prototypes for my games, art prints, and even signed, original artworks.
  • You'll get the ebook edition of Appliance-Free, 5-Minute, Revitalizing Recipes (or another e-book of mine of your choice) after six months of patronage.
  • And, stay signed up for a full year and you'll receive a beautiful print edition of one of my books or games in the mail.

  • You'll be the first to receive a my e-books the moment I'm finished editing.
  • Get all the cool perks of living life with me: my personal journal entries, home videos of my life, photos (and sometimes videos) of my artwork as I create it, my inspired recipes (years before they ever appear in a book) and more.
  • Two of my lineart drawings from my coloring books for you to download, print and color every month.
  • And, in addition, you'll receive one of my ebooks every season. That's four books for every year of patronage. Currently my books include:
    • Appliance-Free, 5-Minute, Revitalizing Recipes
    • Living Big & Traveling Far on $8,000 a Year (or Less!)
    • Nut-Free Raw Recipes
    • The Ultimate Nutrition Reference (with over thirty original, revolutionary charts)
    • Blissfully Balanced 7-Day Nutritionally Complete Meal Plan (gluten-free, plant-based)
    • Collecting Calcium, a special nutritionally complete meal plan that carefully balances minerals to build bones (something no other book or plan does!)
    • Nut-Free Delectable Delights
    • Experience Elegance
    • How to Select, Store, Eat & Digest Raw Food

  • Get a wholesale box in the mail! Your first will arrive five to seven weeks after you sign up (during which time you'll enjoy all the above perks, of course).
  • Your box will include a hand-written letter, board games and/or recipe books and/or coloring books and/or unique artwork prints on canvas and/or original artwork of mine.
  • Your box will be valued at roughly $120 retail.
  • Your box will arrive roughly every six weeks.
  • You can let me know what things interest you most.
  • You get to select your own words of wisdom or your favorite quote to be featured in an upcoming book of mine.
  • This tier is limited to only ten patrons, so grab your spot before they're all taken!

  • You'll also get all the above awesome perks (including a wholesale box in the mail) and a one-hour, monthly phone session about your health, spiritual path, psychology or anything else. If I don't know the answers to your questions, I will meditate on them and report back.

Don't forget, all patrons get exclusive access to my patron feed where I post my daily insights, my realizations journal, and photographs and so much more that I don't post anywhere else.

My latest book (published October 2018):

Waveward Dreams
An Adult Coloring Book

I chose spiral bounding, because as a colorist, it isn't any fun to try and squeeze your tool into the crack of the book, or to have to hold the book open as you color. With Waveward Dreams you can relax as you color, entering your personal zen space.

I did the linework. The rest is all about you – the colorist!

Waveward Dreams includes a variety of undersea waterscapes, including seahorses, jellyfish, octopus and mermaidens.

Photos from my book:
Appliance-Free, 5-Minute Revitalizing Recipes

These food photos are taken specifically for this photo-rich recipe book. The recipes are so quick and easy to prepare – it fits into everyone's schedule, no matter how busy you are!

In Appliance Free, 5-Minute Revitalizing Recipes you'll discover how I made all of these recipes so quickly and without the use of appliances. These recipes are not only easy, they're healthy and revitalizing even for the most sensitive individuals (like me!).

I write re-vital-izing recipes to put the VITAL back in you. You deserve to live your authentic truth.

How my recipes create more energy:
  • Full flavors excite you into being more fully awake.
  • Quick preparation and clean-up conserves your energy and time.
  • High levels of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals gives you everything your body needs to clean up toxins, burn fat and brain-fog, eliminate inflammation and feel revitalized.
  • Gluten-free and almost entirely free of all other harmful lectins, my recipe books will help you restore your gut and maintain a friendly microbiome.

How my work increases authenticity:
  • When you see me being brave and crazy with my full truth, you'll feel safer to express yours.
  • You'll get radical acceptance from me, no matter what truths about yourself to express to me.
  • As I reveal to you increasingly more information about how heart, mind and body work together to create either ease or dis-ease, you'll discover exactly why it is important to become authentic, and how to do so – with ease.

Try saying this to yourself aloud or at least in your head: "By uncovering myself I become open to being loved. When I'm revealing me, I'm revealing the substance and essence of my being to make it available to love."

A powerful elixir for feeling good about yourself is hearing the stories of people that relate to your weirdness. When stories relate to your vulnerability, your fears, your repressed self-knowledge, you begin to open up; your heart begins to bloom.

I invite you to catch my wave and ride with me to the promised land – within yourself.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 166 exclusive posts
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