is creating Youtube let's plays and whiny rants on Facebook

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Stuff from the previous and, uh... I dunno. I have jackshit to offer. I regret everything. Polls! Polls for... what? I don't know.




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Oi. I make videos on Youtube, mostly let's plays. 30-60 minutes, usually. Full playthroughs, ya dig? Plus, occasionally, I will upload some other stuff, such as short videos from anime and shows. Rarely. Really, it's just games.

On Facebook, I admin a page called Sentimental Yowane since October 2012. There, I shitpost ;D
As well as say other stuff. Mostly just post, daily, about my life, my thoughts, and the world, and big boobs.

I, uh, also write. Well, just world building, really. I fully dedicated myself to my lore called "Chronicles of Ximizhlum", or, in short, "Ximi". I've worked on it nonstop for two years, mostly writing, with a few badly drawn pictures in between. I don't... really post it outside of my personal profile though. Maybe I should? I don't know.

If any of that interests you, check it out, or else I will never let you touch my super fluffy dog. You don't want that, do you? Arigatouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~
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