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Recently YouTube has decided that if you're video isn't effectively super child friendly you don't get paid for it. This means that despite my views being as good or better as they ever were my income has been cut by two thirds which is simply not sustainable, I cannot afford to run my life and would end up having to quit and looking for something elsewhere. I refuse to change my video style, super monitor what I do and don't say and basically sterilize my content just to appease a broken system that was already super broken. See below for the initial reason Patron came about.

I love making videos. I love entertaining you guys. I love having the incredible opportunity to be a little part of so many peoples lives.

The rest of this is a very in depth way of explaining why I'm doing this but if you want a TL:DR this would be it: supporting me here in anyway helps and ensures RageGaming continues to be a thing for many years to come, it ensures I can upload what WE want to watch/make without worrying about numbers or anything else and most of all makes you an incredible human being.

I dream of being able to put so much more time into every video, I've been doing it as much as I can recently, working from waking up until sleeping giving each video that extra spice and I'm happy you've been noticing! Hopefully if Patron picks back up I can really double down on that!

Keep on keeping on Ragicans!

What I hate however is the broken system that is YouTube. I hate what it forces content creators to do and I hate that it makes me choose between my morals as someone you guys watch, my ethos that I will never turn away from "I will only make content on things I and you guys enjoy" and my requirement to keep a roof over my head.

I have always said and always will say that I prefer a core dedicated smaller audience over a large mindless mass. I would rather earn less, be less successful and love what I do and be able to recognize your names over and over in the comments, have fun with you guys, treat my channel, content and viewers as one big happy family. That mindset however, which in my opinion is the best one to have, is going to kill my channel.

10,000 people watch my videos on average. 10,000. That is LOADS. I can't imagine that many people at once. I love that I am so lucky to be able to touch in some small way the day to day lives of so many. To have talked to so many of you. To have met so many of you. To have over 1000 of you on my Skype and get fun messages from you all every day. It's fantastic. But to most people and YouTube 10,000 is nothing, it's just a number, a view amount. The system and people forget that each number in that 10,000 is a human being, a person, with their own lives and troubles and they choose to spend a bit of it watching me fail in games. That's magical to me but apparently I'm in the minority thinking this. I don't want to be part of system that says 10,000 other humans are nothing.

So let me explain, lets say I have Series A which 10,000 people watch, I decide I want to start Series B because I love the game and a lot of you want to watch me play it and it's good for all of us involved. Series B gets 5,000 people watching, which to me is still loads, 5000 people is A LOT of people, imagine 5,000 people spread out infront of you, it makes me so happy. However to YouTube this is a "oh no" situation, it goes "Hmm Rage, I see 5,000 people who watch Series A aren't interested in Series B so I'm deciding for you they are no longer interested in your channel in general so I'm going to stop showing them Series A, which they want to watch, in their sub boxes". Is that not mindbogglingly stupid?

This compounded with the fact that YouTube rewards watch time over anything, the fact that if I make a 50 minute video I put a lot of effort into and you guys maybe actively sit through 25 minutes of it, which is fair enough, we're all busy, it's cool with me, but to YouTube this goes "Oh no Rage, most people only watch 50% of that video so clearly they aren't interested in your channel anymore I'm going to stop showing them your videos in sub boxes!". Are you serious YouTube?

You are rewarded for making loads of 2-10 minute long crap videos on popular games you don't even enjoy more than choosing to make content on what makes you and your viewers happy, put in the effort and make long thought out videos. I'm sick of it.

Lets look at two recent examples.

Witcher 3 series, I love the game, love the series, those of you that watch it love the videos. However it does about half as well as everything else I do. If I keep making Witcher 3 videos I'm actively killing my channel and therefore my income and therefore in the long run I'd have to stop doing this. How much does that suck. I hate being forced to choose being able to afford to live and making the video I want to make and you guys want to watch.

The ending song I used to have on my videos that most people close the video and skip. I don't mind that people do that, it's their choice. I love that a lot of you liked the song and listened to it and now miss it. It makes me honestly sad I felt forced to removed it. You know why I did? It adds a minute of 'unwatched video' to each of my videos which YouTube decided means people don't need to see my videos in their feeds anymore. This sucks, I loved my song. I hate I removed it to stay to try and stay afloat.

This is why I'm doing Patreon, I want my content to be about me and you guys a no one and nothing else. With this we can.

I used to look at a Patreon as a last resort, an admission of defeat but it's not. It's a wonderful opportunity to make my channel about us, you guys that watch and me. I have always run my channel to include as many of you guys as possible across all of my series and in everything that I do. I have made many lifelong friends that started out as viewers. I could name 100s of you of the top of my head and that's awesome. It's time we shook of the chains of the YouTube system and made this our own.

This all said I will NEVER require you to pay for any of my content and I don't want anyone who isn't 100% comfortable and can't afford it to become a Patreon. Just watching my content in the first place means the world to me.

What you can do then, if you choose to help me and my content out, is pledge an amount from £1 to whatever you feel my content is worth a month to help me sustain myself and do this for a living and let me make the video I want to make and you want to watch. To let me not play by YouTubes backwards rules and run our channel like it should be.

There are goals and rewards and stuff as my way of saying thanks, you guys really do mean the world to me.

Thank you for your time,

61% complete
At this level I can completely stop caring about making 'YouTube Friendly' content and totally focus on stuff I want to make and that you guys love to see, bring back random game videos and series. Do more 'out there' Overwatch content. Make fewer but better videos all round. This enables an improved RageGaming 2.0 for all! It also means no matter how much YouTube keeps screwing me over I'm okay.
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