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About Rahala

I'm Rahala! Here you can directly support me and my channel. With your help I can earn a steady income in order to continue making high quality content. YouTube is very unpredictable when it comes to income, and as you can notice I barely started as well, so with a Patreon I can have a guaranteed support system, with your help, and would be able to continue doing this more often and probably have it as a job since I don't have one!
To sum it up, If Patreon eventually earns me enough each month I could make videos for a living which in turn means more videos and awesome content for you guys! And more support for me to be able to utilize my skills and be able to finally do what I have always dreamed of ... Thank you so much for all of your future support ... Truly. :)

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I have this goal in my mind, to create something that truly has a soul and unique, and because of that goal I would like to start streaming and creating my own content with my own commentary as the first step, thus I decided to get a microphone and a camera, as a starter I'm thinking of the Blue Yeti and the Logitech C920, later on I have plans of upgrading my PC and adding more equipment and softwares to help me create even greater and higher quality content! Your help would be really appreciated, thank you guys so much in advance, truly ... :)
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