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About Rahuska

About me:
I've been making comedy and entertainment for 2 years.
This is my life. You should expect an honest person of me here on Patreon.Not only will it be fun but it will be true.

For those of you who know me, you know I deliver my content and promises. I have been described as one of the most commutative
person they know and now, I'm going to be one of the hardest working people on Patreon the more i grow, this way, you & me have a much more direct relationship.

Q. Where is the link for Patreon-Discord?
A. It is posted the moment every broadcast starts. You have to be a $5+ patron for access.

Q. What made you start patreon?
A: I have a great streaming base of followers(Maybe even you) who through the idea together and helped me allot along the way. with your support i came to create patreon. Thank you. Also i would rather entertain than flip burgers
so ya that to!

Q. When will I get my perks?
A. Perks are delivered shortly after your pledge goes through upon request. Just DM me on this site for access.

Q. How do I contact Rahuska?
A. You can private message me on this site, or publicly reach out by messaging me on Twitter/Email/Etc.

Monday-(5pm) Stream/Discord
Tuesday-(5pm) Stream/Discord
Wednesday-(5pm) Stream/Discord
Thursday-(5pm) Stream/Discord
Friday-Break/Pos-(5pm) Stream/Discordsible Stream
Saturday-(5pm) Stream/Discord

- PO Box, Skype & Email:Coming soon.
- GAME WITH RAHUSKA:Coming soon.
- Discord Link/Google Hangout/Schedule:Coming soon

As some of you know, I have had a bad past with friends and people i know self-harming and suicide. Some of you are here
because i have helped you and you are thankful.I just wanted to say thank you back fro supporting me as i help support you!
I get messages like this regularly & I am grateful for them all:
That gives you far more influence, a more direct connection with me & allows me to do so much more of
what we both want, rather than what advertisers want. Let's do great things together :)

REWARDS: For collaborations, online gaming, follow backs & many other perks, please contact me once you pledge goes
through & I will shortly after write you back.
Thank you so much for being a part of this.

Web Sites:
Forums:Looking for help with FA. Pm me if you can help out.
Home Page:Coming Soon!

Twitch: Patrons can join me for gaming here!
Youtube:Coming Soon!
Social Media
Twitter: I post here more than I should.
Facebook: Coming Soon!

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