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is creating Writing, Stickers, & Social Change. Not in that order.
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About Rain Emery Chamberlain

I'm Rain Emery Chamberlain; I use they/them pronouns. I'm both autistic and physcially disabled, I'm very queer including being non-binary. I'm a survivor of many things that can only be talked about with TWs/CNs, and I've spent most of my life in homelessness and extreme poverty.

Update to the update: The stickers are still in the works, although the move has delayed this. Exciting aspect is that the move has also provided opportunities to make that so much better when it does happen.

I did finish the first draft of the dystopian novel in November. The story changed a bit along the way, and there is much editing to look forward to. I finally have a title for it - "Compliance" - and the story is now mostly about disability solidarity in a fictional setting that doesn't value any life that isn't productive. (Oops, it's social commentary, who would have guessed.)

I am still working on the first draft of the ebook The Countdown to Homelessness, although my pace on that has slowed. For those that didn't see or don't remember, it will be a free-to-access ebook that details the harm reduction tips I have learned from my years homeless, aimed towards those who are likely to be homeless in the near future. It is being written in response to multiple requests to share my experiences in the area for exactly that reason, and realizing that one-on-one conversations can never quite get across enough (especially with my memory recall difficulties).

I just started submitting poetry and shorter works to paying publications again, in hopes of creating both an income and a decent "works published" section through that. For many of these, I cannot post the poetry here before submitting it, because most places want first publishing rights, but I will link to the works once they are published.

I have been writing articles and twitter threads much more frequently and will continue doing so. I have also begun sketching again, and am thrilled to report I'm still decent at it.

I am, as always, continuing case management for people who otherwise fall through cracks in services due to reasons like homelessness, disabilty, extreme poverty, and discrimination. I am also still working with a couple of groups on transgender legal rights and education. Funds from my patreon support me personally, but they allow me to continue these various works as well, which are my real passions. (Don't get me wrong, I love writing. But until the suffering in the world has decreased enough that my dystopian writings are only fictional warnings to not ever go back, there is so much more that needs to be done.)

I have also put together a very simple website to act as a virtual business card to link to my different public accounts, ways to support me, and ways to contact me. So if you're here and want to follow me or support me in a different way, click here > https://rainchamberlain-contact.carrd.co/
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