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For the 1st tier, it'll be some progress of my artworks! Either a progress or a progress of my drawings! Some won't be good as others so please bear with it!




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About RainbowJuulia

Hi there everyone!~
I'm RainbowJuulia, but call me either Julie or Julia!
I am 21 years old that loves to draw and paint! Oh, and I also do Youtube, from time to time.

It has been for about a few years, possibly around 2007 or 2009, that I have been making videos and posting them online, just for fun. But as years gone by, I have gotten better with editing and doing videos. So you can say I've always admire creating content for my channel, which is RainbowJuulia on Youtube! Also, my very first convention was over 2 years ago! Oh my!


I have also admire others content for such a long time and I thought I would do the exact same thing, following their footsteps! I love to talk about the things I love and admire about on my channel!

My Video's on my YouTube mainly focuses on: Vlogging, Reviews, Gaming, and Skits!
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This is my goal for now on!
I honestly need better equipments like a better laptop!
I also want a microphone, camera for my vlogs, and a new headphone set, specifically the cat headphones!
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