Rain King

is creating digital art and animation

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hihi Rain here, I'm a fourteen-year-old self taught artist based in Australia trying to make my way around the place. I'm into tons of games though as my computer is a mac, gotten with graphics in mind lmao, I cant play to much. I'm trying to save up for better equipment and making time for my (eventual) webcomic :)

Feel free to join my discord! (I'll put a link here once I actually finish editing the bots and aesthetic, pls come volunteer to help out, you'll get perks aa) technically open to everyone, however if you become a patron you will get some special rewards inside the discord!<3
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This money will go towards me getting a better mic than just the one that came in the computer, cause currently its next to the vents and you will hear wooshing every time my computer starts to head up lmao
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