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I'm a kid who's raising money for my school. I know it's summer about now, but i will come back to school and help out with this money. Not my money, your money Helpers, Life-Savers, Lumberjacks, and the Legends, thank you for all the support! Please keep supporting, and just... Thank You!!!
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Pals who do good deeds for everyone around the world!
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Great people who support a few people, but a lot more money! (lowest tier for shout-outs)
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People who are dedicated to LRCMS, and really deserve the title "Lumberjacks"!!!
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Donating a lot, really putting effort and supporting. Being at the top of the tiers, people who support LRCMS for $20 a month...  I can't thank you guys enough. (request some things i should do!)
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I could reenact stuff, but something i would love to do is interview kids from loggers' run middle school! But please send some recommendations!
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