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What?! Are you funding me?!?! YAAAAAY!!! Because you're kind enough to support my work even just a little, I'll give you a shoutout once per month! Cool, right!  You'll also permanently gain the Cool Dudes role on my discord server!

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Wau!!! That's even more money than before! Because you're so cool, in addition to the previous reward, when I play a nameable protagonist in a game, I'll name them after you! How cool is that!

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Sweet! That's an even BIGGER donation! To show my thanks, in addition to all of the other benefits, you also get to request one retro game for me to play each month! Keep in mind that the game can only be for NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy/Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Turbografx 16(did I spell that right?), Atari 2600, and PS1.




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Hi! I'm RakkuTheEpic! I make videos and livestreams on YouTube, and livestreams on Twitch. I work mainly with PS4 and Android.
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