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Hello there!

My name is Ralf Xing! I'm a normal artist and a little bit of otaku, who loves drawing anime, comic, video game characters, many of the drawings I make are Kirby with transformations from any fictional character.

Apart of Kirby drawings, I also make normal anime style like drawings, my style is inspired from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures.

I also have a dream of becoming an animator, so I started it recently with Source Filmmaker. The animations I made are all posted on Youtube, so feel free to check! The reason I chose Source Filmmaker (SFM) is because it's fun and entertaining while I'm working on it! And since we are talking about SFM, I also do SFM posters, which is fun too!

The reason I choose Patreon is that I have limited resources to improve. With Patreon, there's a high chance that I can improve my arts and animations. That also means that this is my first time using Patreon, so I honestly don't know how to use it yet.

Thank you for reading and have a very nice day!

(I'll have some of the SFM videos posted here for you guys to see my sample)

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