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Greetings! I am the Sovereign Prince of the Metropolitan Electorate of...   Awww, scratch that.

Hi. I am Rameses Javier Casten, Micronationalist, Micropatriologist and a Political Scientist-to-be. You might wonder, what am I doing in Patreon? Well, here's the thing. I write anything and everything about MICRONATIONS! Ever heard of the concrete kingdom of Sealand, or the ancient dukedom of Leiningen? I do research like these. ALL. THE. TIME.

There's a lot of things to like and love about micronations, but... nobody appreciates the fact about micronations. It simply is true. There are things that are made, thanks to micronations: awareness about Antarctica, creative insights about royalty, helping communities... and so much more.

I am here to seek your support in my endeavor to do the stuff I love: RAISING AWARENESS ABOUT SOCIAL ISSUES through Podcasts, Lectures and other material.

I thank my friends and allies for your support. Your donation, even as small as $1.00 a month, can go a long way for us to promote and preserve the spirit of micronationalism, as well as make Micropatriology a vital field of Social Science.

Let others #SpeakTheirMind!
$1 of $1,000 per month
When I get $1,000 a month, we will release a special documentary, every quarter, about a certain micronation.
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