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is creating digital paintings, sculpture, animations, fine art and drawings
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"You are a creator at heart. This sometimes causes you to drink."

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"The fundament of creation. Your spouse sometimes uses a different word to describe you."




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About RamDragon's Studio

Hi, My name is Jason McCormick, but on YouTube, you might know me as Ramdragon of Ramdragon's Studio. I have some big plans in the future, but for now, I'm still building a viewer base. 

Some of the plans I have include sculpting from stone, making maquettes, designing a video game, and maybe a large-scale sculpture. The projects I can do on my channel depend largely on you because without your help I won't be able to afford the supplies and materials to do many of those projects.

I've been making art for over 25 years after getting my start in comic books. I did a few pages of my own characters and was invited to apprentice with a local artist who saw my passion and talent and wanted to encourage it. I worked in his studio for about 2 years helping to maintain his equipment, store supplies, and doing background painting and paint mixing for him. I also learned how to airbrush, clean up line art for comic book publication, and a bit about the business of art.

One of the worst mistakes I ever made (and continued to make for a decade) was failing to take the advice of my mentor. Now, I'm taking that advice and making a business out of my art. At RamDragon's Art Studio I hope to build a place where I can continue to make art.

Thank you.

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