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Iron Golem!
per month
When you donate $1, you get one Iron Golem named after you in my Too Crafty world! This will be featured in a Too Crafty Amplified SMP video. All I need from you is the preferred name of the Iron Golem. It can be your real name, in game name, or anything!
Movie Night!
per month
At this tier we will have a group movie viewing session once a month where we will watch and discuss the movie via internet means. Rabbit is the site I am thinking of but that is subject to change. In fact, this whole tier is subject to change but this sounds fun right!? Basically, I'd like to hang out with you guys and watch movies while we do so. The movie willl be decided on through my public Discord. 
Random D-Art (Dee art...get it? Because my name is Dee....my puns suck)
per month
You will receive a fan art from me to you. That's pretty backwards isn't it? Well I just want to tell you that I love your face and I appreciate you for being freaking awesome! You can see my art style from the image. You will also get an Iron Golem named after you on Too Crafty. 


*Note: All art is provided digitally. This can be via email, twitter, social media, etc. 




per month


I am a Gaming Youtuber and streamer and I absolutely love making content for the entertainment of others.  You guys have kept me busy and are one huge positive part of my life and I would love to continue doing what I love as well as remain a positive part of your life. One day I hope to make this a career but I need your help!

I just wanted to clear up some things here for your faces! Anyone who donates no matter how much you donate, you are given access to my discord server with a special Donator rank as well as the promised "prize" for each donation tier. 

$0 of $20 per month
Once I reach the $20 goal, I will remove ads completely from my videos!!!
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