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First of all, I want to thank all of you for looking at my Patreon page and for considering becoming my patron and co creator on my fun and interesting journey of making music! Many of you are already familiar with my creations in the past which include songs, tunes, albums, videos, concerts, and guitar lessons and master classes in many places around the world. To my many longtime fans, I invite you to join me here on Patreon where I look forward to providing you with greater content and value than you have gotten in the past when we both had to deal with record companies, publishers, and so on.   

To new folks just hearing about me for the first time, Welcome! Let me tell you a bit about what I do:

I am one of the most widely travelled and recorded Jazz and Blues guitarists in the world today. I have played concerts in over 60 countries on 6 continents of the world. I have been written about in publications as varied as "All About Jazz", "The Great Jazz Guitarists", "The New York Times", and "Virginia Living Magazine". I have recorded 13 albums as a band leader for several record labels and played on dozens more as a side musician. I currently have my own band, The Randy Johnston 3, which plays about 150 concerts and club dates a year internationally. In the past, I was part of several legendary Jazz and Blues groups, among them the Lou Donaldson Quartet, Lionel Hampton, and Larry Coryell's Strings attached. I have a published catalogue of over 40 original tunes and songs and my singing has been favorably compared to that of Ray Charles. I produced albums for several labels including Sony Music. I was an endorser for several well known musical instrument companies including Gibson and Fender. I taught music and guitar at New York University, SUNY Purchase New York, and University of Hartford, Connecticut, and conducted seminars and master classes in places as diverse as Tokyo, Japan and Bologna, Italy. I managed my own career for over 30 years in the intensely competitive environment of the New York City music scene, booking tours and gigs, negotiating record contracts and leading a band, and made a good living doing it, even managing to put my son through college with no student loans!

Now that I feel that I am in my strongest, most original, and most creative period, I want to share it all with you, without the middlemen, without the Bullshit, without the drama (unless it is the drama we want)!!
Please take this Journey with me....
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You get to vote as above plus you get exclusive access to a
video of a recent performance. There will be a new one each month and they can be a song or even an excerpt anywheres  up to several songs or a whole set. I can't guarantee how long each one will be now as I don't know (I am creating them!) but I can guarantee that they will be Smokin' hot!
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You get access to my messages and creative process live feeds and you get to vote on which song you would like to hear me play on my next video and/or audio track and on my next "lick of the month". Also, you get the Free gig Video!!!

"Lick of the Month"
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Access to all lower tier rewards, plus you will be recipient of a super exclusive guitar lick which I will create and teach to you every month in a video format. No need to read music, I am going to show it directly to you! It will improve your guitar playing, I guarantee it! 
Unreleased Audio Track
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Each month my friends at this level will have access to a brand new as yet unreleased (before now!) album quality audio track, recorded in a real studio with real live musicians which will sound great. You also have access to all lower tier rewards!
VINTAGE Audio Track
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All above rewards, plus access to a different track from one of my classic Jazz CDs, many of which are collectors items and have been long out of print!
One on One Skype or Facetime Guitar lesson
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We will get together through the magic of the internet (or if by chance you are near where I am at the time, we can get together in person!) and I will show you tons of great stuff and help you with your playing so you will become the star you deserve to be!
Getting All the gigs you ever wanted!
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We will get together for an hour in a live video chat and I will consult with you on managing your career in the music business. I have been booking myself, hustling record deals, talking to club owners, booking tours, etc. for over 30 years and have learned more than a few  things about doing these things, making a living in New York City and putting a son through college  in the process. I learned these things through hard knocks and perseverance, but I think I can save you some time and heartache with a consultation or two! You won't learn this in music school!!
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When I reach $500 per month I will be on my way to having more time to increase my output of both performance videos and instructional videos beyond the 1 each per month I can offer now. 
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