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About Ranger Dave

Who am I?

Hey folks! My name is Dave and I'm here to be your immersion tour guide. I make videos about games and mods along with some real-world firearms videos and the occasional oddball project thrown in as well.

Why am I doing this?

Despite a large amount of hours spent creating the videos, mods and projects for the channel, YouTube is not my full-time job of course! I pay for my upgraded internet connection specifically for a faster upload speed as well as monthly software subscriptions like the Adobe Suite and computer hardware (usually silly amounts of hard drives) so I can bring you all 100% free content.

The first goal of this campaign will cover my monthly costs for my internet connection and monthly software subscriptions and the music that I buy for the videos. Beyond that your monthly support will help me dedicate more time each week to producing YouTube videos, broadcasting live streams and working on large projects like the historic Backyard Battlefield series.

100% Voluntary Support

The great part about Patreon is it’s completely optional and flexible - you support the content creators that you enjoy the most while picking the exact amount that you’d like to offer. If you don’t want to monetarily support the channel that’s fine too! My current plan is to continue offering my videos for free as always at the same release schedule as always. All of the rewards here on Patreon are extras - nothing changes with the regular content!
$118 of $160 per month
At this level the costs of running the channel each month are completely covered! You guys are helping me to not have to pay out of my own pocket each month to produce and upload content. This covers my upgraded internet fees due to my rural location as well as music purchases for videos, Google Drive/Dropbox costs and production costs like microphone equipment.
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