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About Rantarian

I'm a writer by nature, and I'm currently involved in writing content in a serial named Salvage, set in the Deathworlders universe (aka Jenkinsverse), originally created by Hambone.
He has his own patreon, which I encourage you to look at, over at https://www.patreon.com/HamboneHFY?ty=h

Salvage itself is a serial primarily about the misadventures of an Australian ex-serviceman named Adrian Saunders who is subjected to an alien-super serum. The story is generally played-straight, but Adrian himself tends towards a good-humoured approach to things in order to keep himself reasonably sane. His victories and defeats with ever-escalating alien menaces do not generally lend themselves to a stable mind, however, and the 'super serum' causes as many problems as it solves.

The story eventually develops into multiple significant characters, not all of whom are human, and spans a galaxy troubled by the threats of the day and the shadows of the past.

By donating to me, you will help me dedicate my time towards doing what I love, and may even allow me to transition to a new job that isn't so demanding of my health, mind and time. It will also give me the opportunity to obtain reference books to help improve my general knowledge and my overall storytelling ability.

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