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Rantdog Animation Studios is a small team of creative types in a room with a couple of computers, some pencils and a dream to one day compose the perfect comic or animated series.

We have been providing the interweb with animated content for many years. We are fiercely independent and have something to say! Our fans have provided an amazing amount of love and feedback and now we are asking you to help us continue to create the content you want to see.

Can you chip in a few dollars to keep us up and running?

Rantdog.com is not afraid to satirize anything from the biggest political issue to the smallest pop-culture trends. At times we are like a light cup of smooth green tea, an elixir of sorts for the soul and other times we take to a topic like a Mad Max convoy rolling toward freedom.  

We have created 10s of hours of animated content for the web and film festivals. We works with state of the art Toon Boom Harmony software and have a small team of crack-animators pedalling the generators to keep it running. We work 8 days a week in sub-zero tempretures to bring you the best in comedy, satire, politics and pop-culture.

Currently we are working our way toward publishing our first full length comic book. For examples of our art style please go to Rantdog.com. We publish 3 digital comic strips a week in an attempt to stay up to date and topical. The comic book we look to publish will be a full length narrative, as opposed to the bubble-gum, three panel strips you will see on our site. 

We also continue to create full animated short films, a process that can be very time consuming and expensive. All of our material is produced independently, except where small grants have been offered for a handful of our projects. We work hard and out-of-pocket because we love what we do and we have found our growing fan-base does as well.

Contributing to Rantdog Animation Studios means we will be able to continue deliver original material three-times a week to our Comics Archive, it will give us a shot at creating a published full length comic narrative as well as a collection of our over 500 comics collection. We are also very keen in creating our comics into more fully animated pieces.
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“Burp to the Future” - a graphic novel.

In 1957 Rantdog accidentally stops Betty, an alien scientist, from extracting Earth’s excess CO2. In 2057, they go back to fix his blunder and to stop climate change.

A work in progress, we are in the process of scripting and sketching the pages of this one-hundred year battle between what was and what it could be. Amidst the 2057 Hot Weather Wars, and their own divorce, Rantdog and Betty jump back to 1957. They try to convince their former selves they are making grave mistakes that will threaten the survival of mankind.

Once the graphic novel images are created they will be used as the basic storyboard for a fully animated web series of “Burp to the Future”.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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