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About Rapha Conrad

Hi everyone, or should I say...Randomizers!!!
My name is Rapha Conrad, a.k.a. Random Rapha.
I'm a dancer, singer, actress, and photographer. Also I like to create (whether it's dance pieces, writing funny stories or tweets, and even cooking gluten-free chicken n' waffles). That is why I am so Random!!!

I am starting a YouTube series called "Being Random with Random Rapha". It will be a mix of a lot of things: vlogs, dance videos, song covers, Q&A's, Storytelling, tutorials, interviews, Mukbangs (yes, you've heard me...Mukbangs), and all that jazz (hands)! I used to be a Youtuber eons ago, but due a lot of things (you'll find out later) I stepped away from the Youtuber life. Now I am ready to get back on YouTube and ready to share my creativity with you guys (Thanks to Rhett & Link, Matt Steffanina, and Editing is Everything for inspiring and motivating me to get back on to YouTube).

I'm currently finishing up the final parts of my series, which will premiere very soon. If this turns out really well, I would to create more videos/content to share with you guys (I mean hey...sharing is caring)! 

And this is the part when you come in.

By becoming a Patreon, you will help make my (future) YouTube series grow. It will go towards everything for my series/channel (from equipment, software, even travel). Also I am firm believer of giving back. The more you give, the more you get back. You will get special rewards (from chats, giveaways, and even a dance class taught by yours truly - I'm not kidding!!!).

If you're ready to come along on this Random but awesome journey with me...
Become a Patreon and support "Being Random with Random Rapha" today!

"Keep the faith, give love, be random."

Thank you!

-Rapha Conrad (a.k.a. Random Rapha)

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