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Ranting And Raving
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You will get a cool badge on discord and will help with  the making of my videos!
Foamy Rapids
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Have your name apear at the end of each video and have one link in the description! you will also get access to patreon only voice and text channels on discord! Plus previous tiers
Crazy Ranting Lunatic
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Be Entered in a Bi- Monthly Draw for a Merch item of your choice! Plus previous tiers
per month
Get one item of signed merch every 2 months! Plus previous tiers
Dude... Just Dude
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You will Get to put any 30 second video on my channel to promote your stuff. Plus previous tiers.
The Real G
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You'll get to chill on stream for 4 hours a month! Plus previous tiers.


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We'll be able to Upgrade to a better Microphone and hire more animators to continue making more videos
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