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About Raptor Squad Gaming

Established in 2015, Raptor Squad was founded as a team of a handful of gamers and friends with one goal in mind; create quality content for our fans. Over the past three years, Raptor Squad was reduced to just three members; NesQuickScope (formally TheMitchHawlend), LemonSquare, and Big Popa. Although they share a mutual interest and love for gaming, the uphill battle to stardom is steep. At time of writing, the Raptor Squad Gaming YouTube channel only has 18 subscribers. Hoping to increase viewer activity in the gaming community, Raptor Squad Gaming is planning numerous events in the form of Live Streams. Twenty four live streams and charity live streams are among the few in the works. A new weekly stream/series entitled "Throwback Thursdays" is also in the works and will take place every Thursday (obviously). To stay up to date with the squad, follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and of course, Subscribe to our YouTube channel! We love all of our fans and welcome you to the community!

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