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We aspire to seek beauty and adventure in an ever-changing world, whilst not forgetting the privilege into that we were born and raised. Pursuing to remain humble as we tread as lightly as absolutely possible while navigating trails blazed by fellow explorers and ancient ancestors.

Our goal is documenting unique journey’s that demonstrate what is possible when dedicated people pursue their dreams, seeking adventure and experience under their own steam, without creature comforts.

We believe in venturing off the beaten track, as this is where the true beauty of the world exists. We believe in getting out of the comfort zone and pushing the boundaries of what is possible when pursuing a goal with nothing more than sheer will and determination.

Our mission is demonstrating to the world just how much fun and adventure can be achieved when dedicated people commit to taking action on an idea.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Ratbag Nomads. We use recycled equipment scavenged from second hand store, army stores and many other sources in today’s throw away culture. While our adventures are based on low to no cost activities, our message requires your help to spread. With your generous contributions, we can help change the lives of those stuck in un-resourceful, un-sustainable ways of living and thinking.

The Ratbag Nomads are making a statement to the world that fun and adventure is merely a mindset that can be achieved anywhere and in any situation; That there is good in everyone that can be brought out when life is stripped back to basics.

We invite you to join the ride as we cycle through a continent near you.
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It costs about 30 dollars a day to to survive cycle-touring. The bikes need servicing, Our bodies need food, sunscreen it all cost money. The sad part is that, things break or get stolen. Already we have had many misadventures. Every little bit of money contributed is greatly appreciated, thanks so much for being part of the team
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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